Strives to provide high-quality, professional and comprehensive solutions ,
for mutual trust, long-term and win-win cooperation with customers


Strive to provide high-quality, professional and comprehensive solutions for mutual trust, long-term and win-win relationship.


An unwavering sense of integrity and ethical principles provide a solid foundation for a career and a successful workplace.

Understand your needs

Provide a series of professional services, including recruitment, onboarding, training, retention to resignation for your needs.

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About Us

Establishment in 2002, Sumsing Human Resources Management Compan. has been aiming at urging workers to benefit the community. With unremitting efforts to improve the level of teaching, service and management, the company’s high-quality HR training is widely adopted by major private organizations and government departments, and tens of thousands of people participate in various types of training courses every year.

At present, our company cooperates with experienced and qualified professional instructors to teach various types of training courses to make the teaching more quality. The Division provides students with a comfortable and convenient learning environment.

In addition to course training, our company also provides a series of job services to provide a bridge for citizens and employers to find jobs and recruit. At present, hundreds of students have found suitable jobs through our services, and more than 100 private organizations have cooperated with us. Offers hundreds of job vacancies.

  • Professional Qualification Tutor
  • comfortable learning environment
  • Job recruitment bridge
  • vocational training courses
  • Job Recruitment Services
  • Career Referral Service

How do our customers rate us?


We have labor contracts, but we really don’t know much about the details and how they are compliant. Fortunately, Stephanie was very nice and explained to me carefully and professionally. I can safely hand over the documents to the general manager for signature.

It turns out that recruitment can be so convenient and simple now, with the help of Senxing Company, now there is no need to worry about not being able to hire suitable employees.

Thanks to you this time! I studied Hong Kong policies with my colleagues before, and we all learned about it, but no one dared to say that what we did would be all right, and it was you who reassured us.

what we provide

Our Services

The company provides vocational training for various types of work, such as construction industry, security, electrical engineering and safety training for various industries… The company has set up specific courses to provide students with a convenient and fast way to attend classes.

In addition to vocational training, the company also provides a variety of job services, providing a bridge for job hunting and recruitment for students and employers. At present, thousands of trainees have found jobs through our services, and more than 100 private organizations have cooperated with us.

Professional Team

Enrich industry practical experience to assist enterprises to learn from industry benchmarks and pursue excellence


Carry out comprehensive training needs analysis and tailor-made to meet the needs of enterprises

Target Based

Provide practical training according to the needs of different companies/individuals, and cultivate talents who can add value to the company, so as to ensure continuous improvement and maintain its sustainability

Latest Course

Construction Industry Training Course

$ Tailor-made /course

  • Designated industry safety training
  • Safety experience plan training
  • Skill Upgrading Course
  • Enhanced Construction Manpower Training Program
  • Qualifications Framework Recognized Safety Courses

Basic Security Certificate Course

$500 /2 day course

  • Provide security positions, job hunting can be arranged during the period
  • Security courses are taught by accredited professional instructors
  • Vivid teaching methods to teach security guard courses
  • Courses are approved by the Vocational Qualifications Authority
  • The training location is convenient

Electrical Engineering Certificate Program

$11200 /course

  • Circuit Theory and Electrical Devices
  • Electrician Basic Skills Training
  • Instrumentation and Industrial Electronics
  • Electrical Installation Practice A
  • Advanced Electrical Engineering Principles

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